so, you want to give me money...

//types of work

below are some examples of my illustration work. i'll also happily do UI mockups, simple CAD models, writing, etc. if you have an idea and want to work together, don't be shy!

//vector art

great for 3d-printing, laser-etching, PCB-tracing, etc.

scalable for any application!


vector or raster, more technical drawings are my speciality!

of course, i draw furries as well.


intricate vector work inspired by circuitry and mechanical forms.

high-detail and time-intensive.


telegram: @anchovie

twitter (DM): @anchoviedraws

//terms of service

rate: $30 USD per hour

price estimates can be provided. two major revisions are included for free; the first upon receipt of an initial sketch, the second upon receipt of a finished sketch. after this, i will finish the piece. subsequent revisions will incur additional charges equivalent to the hours needed to complete them. a watermarked low-res preview will be provided for final approval. payment is due upon approval in exchange for the final full-resolution piece. i accept paypal or venmo.

if you want to individualize your commission as a unique, special piece that is yours alone while being visually-identical to clones i post online, i can encrypt a copy of your commission using not-NFT, an eco-friendly and ultra-lightweight steganography tool (seriously, you can run it yourself, it's like 50 lines of code). this service is free of charge!

work is done on a first come, first serve basis. i have a queue on trello.

art is my hobby. i work a full-time job during the week. completion times are dependent on my schedule.

my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. you can create derivative work and sell it, but you must attribute me as the source creator and publish your work under a similar license. you may NOT mint NFTs of my work, as it is non-derivative and cannot be published under a similar CC license. if you do this, i will sue the shit out of you.